WhatsApp Safety

If you have given your kids a smartphone as they enter middle school, you are probably worried about the impact of such a move. On one hand, we have a generation of kids who have grown up with technology and social media. Hiding it from them does not make much sense, for they can always use these apps on a friend’s phone or at someone else’s house. It is almost better to introduce them to smartphones under your supervision, especially when it comes to certain apps. And we can talk about one of those apps, which is known as WhatsApp.


In many ways, WhatsApp is a wonderful application. It allows you to talk with anyone who has a smartphone number, no matter where they are in the world. Your friends can use it to chat with you and you can chat with friends who may have moved to another state or country. But there are risks, because you can never know what your kids are saying on the app, unless you use the WhatsApp Spy software, which you can learn more about here: http://www.mireview.com/whatsapp-spy-app/. The concept is simple; you are going to read what your kid is saying to others, and what they are replying, when they use WhatsApp.

You may think it is an invasion of your kid’s privacy, but you have to think about what matters most. Are you going to worry about privacy when your kid could be in danger because of the messages they are sending or being sent on WhatsApp? It is much better to know what your kid is doing and saying instead of worrying about it. Sometimes your kid may not even know who they are talking to – because people can easily pretend to be someone else on WhatsApp. Make sure they are protected when they are using the app.