How to Keep your Commercial Refrigerator Cool

If you use a walk-in cooler at your place of business, there are a few tips essential for you to use to keep the unit in the best shape and working for the longest period of time. Your Commercial Refrigerator walk-in cooler will provide you with far greater use and durability when these tips are being used.

1.    Regular  Maintenance

It is important that you hire a professional for regular maintenance of the unit. Just as you’d do this for your HVAC or plumbing system, you need to make sure that you do it for your walk-in cooler as well.

2.    Don’t Store Items on Top of the Unit

The ceiling panels are easily damageable, especially if you are putting things on top of them that weigh them down. Find another storage area and enhance your walk-in cooler.

3.    Turn off the Lights

When the cooler is not being used, turn off the lights! If you leave the lights on, you’re going to produce excess heat that can cause added wear and tear on the unit.

4.    Lube the Hinges

Lubing the hinges on your Commercial Refrigerator walk in unit is important. You should do this no less than once a year so that the doors close properly. Or, you can purchase hinges that contain self-lubricating components.

5.    Clear out the Drain Lines

Another yearly task that keeps the walk in cooler working its best is to clean out the drain lines. Over time these lines can become clogged and cause build up and added wear and tear to your unit. Clean it and have one less thing to worry over.

Commercial Refrigerator

6.    Avoid the use of Chemicals

When cleaning the walk in cooler make sure that you are not using harsh chemicals that can damage the metal surface of the unit. Soap and water works just as well!