Ejuice smoking is a lot less hazardous and cheaper than regular tobacco smoking

One of the big plusses for suffering smokers to look forward to just before adopting this new, trendy smoking habit is that the juice placed in their new electronic cigarette holders contains substantially less nicotine and other harmful chemical substances than the conventional tobacco cigarette packs, including the so-called light versions. Ejuice, whether purchased in bulk (a recommendation when ordering the new products from the internet) or in light, surreptitious doses, also works out a lot cheaper than the old tobacco varieties.


The typical e-juice smoke lasts a lot longer too. New e-cigarette smokers will take longer, pleasurable puffs from their e-pipes while inhaling as little nicotine as possible. This, surely, is a good motivation to make the switch as early as today, particularly if you have had severe difficulties over the years in trying to give up smoking altogether, along with the consequent health problems that arose.

The solutions contained in the e-juice holders are also a lot more flavorful unlike the bitter and bland taste of cigarette tobacco. A bounty of flavors, pretty much any flavor under the rainbow that you can think of, abounds. Thing imaginatively and see what you can come up with. If you like fruity or traditional cherry flavors, you can have that. If you want to amuse your nasal buds with dessert or even breakfast flavors, not cereal, more like bacon and eggs, you can do that too.

The e juice smoking habit will also be a lot safer too. There will be no more careless tossing of still burning cigarette butts. The aerosol that is generated when e-liquid reaches temperatures of up to two hundred and fifty degrees Celsius is regulated by the cigarette holder’s mechanisms. Users inhale (and exhale) aerosol (ejuice or vapor) instead of smoke.