5 Reasons to Buy the DJI Phantom 3


With so many drones on the market, choosing the one best suited for your needs isn’t always easy. You want a drone that is going to exceed expectations and provide the fun that you are after, all while going above and beyond to provide you with endless features. One of the best drones out there today is the DJI Phantom 3. While not the newest model from the brand, it is still new enough to offer great usage, a great price, and the features that you want that make it unique. Take a look at five of the top reasons that the DJI Phantom 3 is the perfect choice for your needs.

1.    Two versions available for your pleasure. The Phantom 3 Professional and the Phantom 3 Advanced.

2.    4k UHD video camera inside of the drone allows you to record high-quality videos and thanks to a stabilization system, photographs are also a breeze.

3.    Flight range of 2000 meters. Check the distances of some of the other drones out there and you will quickly discover this is quite the distance for travel!

4.    Well-designed quad is strong and durable and made of quality, long-lasting materials.

5.    4480 mAh battery is included inside of the toy. This battery is easy to recharge and offers about 25 minutes of flight time before recharge is needed.

The Phantom 3 is one of the coolest drones begin sold today. It is cheaper than the Phantom 4, but doesn’t lack in features. And it is priced much less than the cost of the Phantom 4. For anyone that wants a high-quality product that lasts, the DJI Phantom 3 is one quad that is worth looking at. It will have superseded your expectations.